1) How do I make payment?

For local orders, we accept payment via manual bank transfer (deposit machine), online banking, debit and credit card.

If you were to use manual deposit into our account please email us your receipt to help@beautyra.com

Subject of e-mail: #Order ID

Please include the following details in the body of the email Order ID, payment method, bank name, bank-in date, bank-in amount, contact name and contact number

For international orders, we accept payment via credit card, online banking and PayPal.

2) How do I know if my order is ready to ship?

We will email you a confirmation of your order as soon as it has been processed! A tracking number will be sent to you via email.

3) Can I write a special note to the receiver?

Unfortunately, no. Since our products are packed and shipped by an outsourced team, we are unable to write a special note, however you can request for special packaging and notes from our Beau-Bosses.

4) I have received my items but they are damaged. What should I do?

Please drop us an email at help@beautyra.com. Send the damaged item back to the sender’s address and claim for refund and/or replacement.

5) How do I track my order?

Your tracking number with the respective courier service will be sent to you email after your order is processed.

6) What should I do if I receive the wrong products?

Please return the product and we will send out the correct one soon.

7) Do you ship to other countries or just in Malaysia?

We ship globally to most countries regardless where your customer is located.

However, for some product(s), it is restricted to certain countries based on the contract we signed with the licensor. Example: The Walt Disney Company


1) Where does BeauTyra ship?

We ship all across Malaysia at a fixed shipping fee. Please check out this list for domestic and international countries that we ship to and the minimum spending for free shipping.

Domestic Shipping Flat Rate Delivery Cost Minimum Spend for Free Shipping
Peninsula Malaysia RM 10 RM 200
Peninsula Malaysia RM 15 RM 250
International Shipping Flat Rate Delivery Cost Minimum Spend for Free Shipping
Singapore RM 35 RM 500
Indonesia RM 120 RM 1200
Philippines RM 120 RM 1200
Thailand RM 120 RM 1200
Australia RM 180 RM 1200
Hong Kong RM 155 RM 1200
India RM 180 RM 1200
Japan RM 180 RM 1200
Korea RM 155 RM 1200
New Zealand RM 160 RM 1200
Taiwan RM 180 RM 1000
France RM 180 RM 1200
Germany RM 180 RM 1200
Italy RM 180 RM 1200
Russia RM 110 RM 1500
Spain RM 180 RM 1200
United Kingdom RM 180 RM 1200
Brazil RM 110 RM 1500
Canada RM 175 RM 1000
USA RM 170 RM 1200
Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Bahrain RM 100 RM 1500
UAE RM 250 RM 1200

For Beau-Babies living outside these following countries or want to find a personal seller, you can find your preferred Beau-Bosses on Instagram @beaubossacademy

2) How long is the shipment?

Your order will be shipped by our team from 1-3 working days (excluding public holidays) after it has been processed. Please expect delays if you order it during major sale periods.

3) Who is in charge of packing and shipment?

We have outsourced our fulfilment service to pack and ship our products.

4) Can I pick up my order from the BeauTyra office?

Unfortunately it is not possible to do so currently. However, cash on deliveries or pick up is possible with our Beau-Bosses.

5) If I am an international customer, will I be responsible for import duties?

Yes, you will be responsible for any import duties that your country implies on our parcels.


1) Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

Unfortunately we are unable to change your shipping address due to processing reasons. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate before placing the order.

2) What is my return policy?

If you receive an unsatisfactory or broken product, you may return it within 5 DAYS of receiving it to our warehouse and opt for a return or replacement.

3) I accidentally purchased the wrong product. Can I modify my order?

All successful orders are unable to be modified.

4) Is it possible to cancel my order?

All successful orders are not allowed to be cancelled.

5) Am I allowed to combine orders?

Unfortunately, each order is only entitled to one shipping address. You are not allowed to combine two orders to one shipping address.


Is it possible to exchange my items?

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.

If you need to exchange your item (the originally purchased item), send us an email at help@beautyra.com and our customer service team will assist on further steps.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any replacement for any other reasons.


IDo you do refunds?

We strictly do not offer any form of refunds. In any case refunds are applicable, you will be refunded in a form of credit points.