The New Way to success.

Welcome to the BeauAngels Academy! Here at BeauTyra, we aim to be a very fun, wallet friendly, dynamic and high quality beauty brand.

Whether you are a student or just looking to hustle on the side, our BeauAngels Academy is here to help you get your toes wet in the beauty business without having to spend any start-up penny!

Why join us?

  • Early access to new product line-ups
  • No joining fee
  • No stock purchase required
  • Free training and coaching
  • Marketing materials provided
  • Easy to sell item (more than 30,000 satisfied BeauBabies and growing)
  • Active support group
  • No limit of your income
  • Get referral commission from your downline
  • Lots of exciting rewards and BeauAngels bonus await you!

Best products in the market

BeauTyra ensures that our products are inclusive and suitable for all skin types. We also make sure that every product is carefully formulated to be cruelty-free, high quality yet affordable.

Success stories from BeauAngels


I was first appointed in October 2020. One thing that has stuck with me ever since working with BeauTyra is that if you're on the fence about doing something, it likely means that you SHOULD do it. Acknowledge that not everything will go your way, but if you do it with heart and trust that everything will work out, you'll be surprised at how everything that you've ever wished gets fulfilled without you even realising. Being able to grow the brand's customer base & audience here in Brunei is one of my greatest achievements as a BeauAngels, and if I had the chance to add another, it'd be the satisfaction of watching my parents' faces light up when they see my accomplishment. Thank you, BeauTyra, for giving me the greatest opportunity. Becoming a BeauAngels has been a pivotal moment in my life.


Almost 3 years journey with Beautyra, alhamdulillah I'm able to make some savings for my future ahead. Other than that, I managed to help and give back to the community because I believe by helping people in need is a good deed other than seeing them happy. Joining the BeauTyra team is truly a blessing for me. However, It's good to be blessed but better to be a blessing.

When I quit my job to start a business as Beautyra's BeauAngels, I still had that huge fear of failure. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to know how to make money and make it work for you. From being a BeauAngels, I learn how to be a leader to my team on some kind of level in order to motivate them to join you in your venture and believe in what you preach. A successful person, on the other hand, is constantly finding ways to create profits and new opportunities each and every day.


From starting out as a Personal Shopper in 2019, where I had to learnt about the brand and its products on my own to when I officially begin the journey as an Authorised BeauAngels in 2020, what does not changed is the fact that I grow because I constantly keep on learning on how to do and be better.

Being a BeauAngels too, has moulded me to be more forward thinking, have a mission and vision. That is why and how my Team and I have always been able to consistently put in effort and hard work to ensure that we are able to penetrate the Singapore market.

Definitely, the highlight of our success (my Team and I) would be that we get recognition from our beloved consumers, who never fail to support us in all ways possible. It is because of them too, we are able to always come on top in the ranking of the BeauAngels Performance system. Truly honoured to be given the trust and faith to provide the products and services to them.


To sum it up , working as a BeauAngels with Beautyra has been such a fun and learning journey. It has grown me into a person that I've always wished for mentally. Made me a better me hopefully for now. Other than that, it has made me master a few skills along the way that will be important for my future endeavours.

One of the key highlights of my success is other than being able to support myself financially and being able to give back to my family and people around me, and I managed to make consistent sales from the moment I started until today.

You deserve the best.

Your good looks starts from within, and with us too.